Moritsch RTL Tower Crane For Sale

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Now an authorized distributor, we deliver anywhere within North America directly from our yard or worldwide straight from the factory.

RTLs are undoubtedly the best-known cranes of the Moritsch Cranes range. Crane’s designed to be comfortable to work with, accurate and ensure non-stop service.

Swivelling cranes have been part of the Moritsch family tradition since 1989, when the first crane was sold in Toronto. The RTL range has fixed counter-jib ballasts and lifting capacities of 16 to 50 tons. The RTL range can be assembled on tower elements TM21, HP20 and HR23. The remote diagnosis system, black box and no-transit area system are all standard for this range.

In the latter half of the twentieth century, this brand became a byword for the highest level of technology in tower crane design and manufacture, cementing the Moritsch family as a top player worldwide. Most importantly, you are never alone. We support you step by step thanks to the remote diagnosis system, which is always available.

Why choose Moritsch? Because it’s Moritsch and we have been fully dedicated since 1962.

We currently have one RTL325-A-20 Jib in stock. For pricing and details please contact, Steve Attard at 416-433-7936.


Moritsch RTL 325/A Components


Max Jib 65m
Max Capacity 20 Ton
Tip Max Capacity 2,86 Ton
Hoist Winch Power 110 kW
Drum Rope Capacity 400 m
Luffing Winch Power 67 kW
Slewing Power 2×11 kW
Rope Falls l ll
Types of Tower TM 212 / HP 20 / HR 23



Moritsch Tower Crane RTL325-A20


RTL325-A-20 Jib locking system

RTL Series